(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. choice, unequaled, unparalleled. See goodness, perfection. —v. t. defeat, surpass. See superiority.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Generally excellent]
Syn. choicest, finest, greatest, highest, first, transcendent, prime, premium, supreme, optimum, incomparable, culminating, preeminent, leading, crowning, sans pareil (French), paramount, matchless, nonpareil, unrivaled, unparalleled, unsurpassed, second to none, in a class by itself, nonesuch, unequaled, unexcelled, inimitable, beyond compare, superlative, foremost, peerless, champion, top, prize, most deSirable, most suitable, most favorable, most advantageous, most outstanding, tip-top*.
Ant. worst*, poorest, lowest.
2. [Applied especially to things]
Syn. choice, premium, highest-quality, top-of-the-line*; see excellent .
3. [Applied especially to people]
Syn. of the elite, belonging to the upper classes, socially preferred, aristocratic; see cultured , distinguished 2 , noble 3 , rich 1 .
4. [Applied especially to actions]
Syn. noblest, sincerest, most magnanimous, most creditable, most illustrious, most glorious, most honorable, most praiseworthy, greatest, kindest, nicest; see also sense 1.
Ant. worst*, meanest, lowest.
5. [Largest]
Syn. greatest, biggest, most; see large 1 , most .
Syn. first, favorite, choice, finest, top, pick, prime, flower, cream, elite, cr?me de la cr?me (French), utmost, salt of the earth*, pick of the crop*, cream of the crop*, tops*.
all for the best,
Syn. favorable, fortunate, advantageous; see helpful 1 , hopeful 2 .
as best one can,
Syn. skillfully, ably, capably, as well as one can; see well 2 .
at best,
Syn. at most, under the most favorable conditions, under the most favorable circumstances, according to the most favorable interpretation, at the outside*.
at one's best,
Syn. well, in one's prime, at the top of one's form, in one's best mood; see able 2 , healthy 1 .
get or [m1]have the best of ,
Syn. outdo, overcome, defeat, outwit; see defeat 1 , 2 , 3 , surpass , win 1 .
make the best of,
Syn. tolerate, get by, manage, make do; see endure 2 .
with the best,
Syn. excellently, well, ably; see excellently , well 2 .
Syn. worst, get the better of, overcome, outdo; see defeat 1 , 2 , 3 , surpass .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
winner, *cream of the crop, creme de la creme, the finest, *top dog, *blue ribbon winner, *the tops, paragon, the champion.
ANT.: the worst, also-ran, loser
beat, outdo, defeat, outdistance, outclass, conquer, win over, dominate, *wipe the floor with, prevail, *thrash.
ANT.: lose, *choke
finest, utmost, *topflight, *top drawer, unsurpassed, superior, greatest, select, firstrate, choice, preeminent, peerless, unequaled, nonpareil, supreme, tops.
ANT.: worst, lowest
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I adjective 1. Surpassing all others in quality: optimal, optimum, superlative, unsurpassed. See BETTER. 2. Much more than half: better1, greater, larger, largest, most. See BETTER, BIG. II noun 1. The superlative or most preferable part of something: choice, cream, creme de la creme, elite, flower, pick, prize1, top. Idioms: cream of the crop, flower of the flock, pick of the bunch (or crop). See BETTER. 2. Friendly greetings: regard (used in plural), respect (used in plural). See GREETING. III verb 1. To be greater or better than: better1, exceed, excel, outdo, outmatch, outrun, outshine, outstrip, pass, surpass, top, transcend. Informal: beat. Idioms: go beyond, go one better. See BIG. 2. To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition: beat, conquer, defeat, master, overcome, prevail against (or over), rout, subdue, subjugate, surmount, triumph over, vanquish, worst. Informal: trim, whip. Slang: ace, lick. Idioms: carry (or win) the day, get (or have) the best of, get (or have) the better of, go someone one better. See WIN.

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